A Retail Pop-up Design Story

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Apr 2, 2014

When a retailer can’t bring consumers to their store, they bring the store to the consumers! This is exactly what HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, did when they sought to reach a broader consumer audience in North America. With retail stores located primarily in international markets, HTC approached Hornall Anderson to help them bring a larger-than-life, technology-packed retail pop-up showroom to the US and Canada that introduces their flagship smartphone the HTC One® to consumers. This launch marks HTC’s first entry into a direct retail presence in North America.

Rolled out in ten key shopping mall markets across the United States and Canada, the 20’x20’ showroom established an engaging retail destination for the consumer to explore the new HTC One smartphone. Our team’s goal with this experience was to offer unexpected and engaging access to the HTC One, in a normal shopping environment where the consumer is already actively seeking inspiration. Playing off the messaging, “everything your phone isn’t,” the HTC One Showroom immediately telegraphs a high level of intrigue, drawing the consumer in and inviting direct exploration and discovery of the HTC One.

(photograph: Image Studios)

The showroom is designed to appeal on multiple levels. Passersby are drawn in by two interactive 60-inch screens powered by Windows Kinect, featuring larger than life HTC One images that provide playful, motion-based digital experiences on the exterior walls, sparking an initial connection; while interactive touch screens, video monitors and illuminated signage populate the interior walls, allowing the consumer to engage with the HTC One story in an entirely personal and unique progression. Hands-on demo opportunities and HTC ambassadors further enhance the HTC One encounter, while the contemporary design of the showroom creates a comfortable space fostering a deep, intuitive connection to the brand without sales pressure.

Narrative moments in the interior are derived from a number of HTC One’s key product features, including HTC BlinkFeed™, HTC BoomSound™, HTC Sense TV™, the HTC UltraPixel Camera, HTC Zoe™, and overall product design. Designated areas within the space capture the essence of each of these break-through advancements and contextualize them for the consumer experience.

And not just consumers are taking notice! Recently, the pop-up design won the In-Store Communications Award in the A.R.E. Design Awards competition.

(Fabrication/Installation: EWI Worldwide)

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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Michael Del

Feb 24, 2016 at 10:46am

Great retail pop-up designs, this retail store will surely stand out in the market.