And I thought I wanted to be an Engineer

POSTED BY Bruce Stigler on Apr 4, 2012

I had the opportunity to represent Hornall Anderson at a local high school career fair. Along with the fun of talking to curious student about graphic design and marketing, I learned a couple of lessons.

The Armed Forces do a great job of marketing. Slick video presentations on big flat screen monitors, impressive uniforms and well designed brochures. Granted this is their primary target demographic and so a far cry from the rest of the presenters. I’ll come better armed next time. (Pun intended.)

The design world is a well-kept secret. I was surprised to find that out of all the kids I talked to, few knew what a graphic designer did even though they are touch by our work everyday. Funny thing is I find that this is not an uncommon question. 

Practicing your elevator speech over and over leads to perfection. The first question from most students was the same as I hear from potential clients – what do you do? (See epiphany above) Running through the same litany for about the 50th time or so,  the power of a well-crafted line to quickly convey your brand story was reinforced.

I have one of the best jobs. Even after years of being in this business, I still get excited talking about what I do. As designers, we get to change the world, in little and big ways through the power of an idea. That said, I’m glad I didn’t become an engineer.

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