Are you IN?!

POSTED BY Jodi Minehan on Apr 5, 2011

Political affiliations aside… and not meaning to start an online debate. But looks like Obama is already staring his rounds on the social circuits- even without a full site up and running.

Interesting. How important and impactful is it to start on FB without even getting the site up and going? Too soon? Well ‘likes’ and wall posts and (now) facebook polls will help us all announce our political affiliation in the next election- but I wonder- does it really drive you to vote? Or are you just going to say you’re “IN” (or OUT) and then sit at home come 11/6/12?!

So are you IN?

And no- they won’t be using the HOPE campaign again- since everyone is getting the s!@# sued out of them over it.

**No- I am not announcing my political affiliation with Obama

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