Are You Smarter Than Your Co-Workers?

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Mar 7, 2008

So, you think you’re smarter than your co-workers. Firm believers in not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk, the folks at Hornall Anderson decided it was time to put this boast to the test.

Hosted last Friday by the firm’s Events Committee, this quarterly Wing-Ding event (named in honor of our office’s five “wings” competing as teams) played off the idea of the game Cranium, including a specially designed game board, oversized dice and three Hornall Anderson-themed categories, such as factoids, impersonations and drawing, with a final random category entitled “don’t forget the lyrics,” played in the same manner as the television game show by the same name.

The team’s game pieces were as diverse as our employees’ personalities, and were comprised of everything from a foam potato, green Buddha coin bank, pink velvet Magic Eight Ball Jesus, a Tarzan action figure and an airplane.

Players were challenged with such questions as, “Which employee uses post-it graffiti to decorate his/her workspace?” and “Who in the office has shaken hands with Mother Theresa?” and “From which movie did the names of all the conference rooms come?” Putting their creative skills to use, the players were directed to draw words and phrases like “low cognitive load,” “hot start” and "Beer Friday," while also given the opportunity to poke fun at their co-workers through entertaining impersonations. And lastly, they were forced to sing the missing lyrics to a variety of songs spanning three decades.

Much fun and some healthy…well, for the most part “healthy”…competitiveness was had by all.

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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