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POSTED BY on Nov 18, 2016

We recently completed our 10th client panel. Every time we host our panels, I'm reminded yet again how powerful it is to invite our clients in to make us a better agency. Over the past few years they have offered us great ideas, insights, and stories that have fueled our own brand, influenced our practices and have become part of our daily vernacular. 

The HA Client Panel started three years ago, initiated by a personal passion. As a career "client service person," I was fascinated by life on the client side. I have observed and experienced powerful client/agency partnerships. Like any strong relationship, empathy opens up perspective and honesty builds respect. With these values in practice, the end result is trust. 

We practice what we preach here—great ideas come from anywhere.

What surprises me most about our client panels are the client reactions. What I hear most after our panels is how good it feels for the clients themselves to know they are being heard. We are yet to host a panel where a client has experienced anything like this before. And, how good it feels for them when a partner really digs into their daily lives to see how the agency fits in. Rarely are they asked what they think of the agency model or have their input make the agency partnership better. I am so grateful that even our busiest, most senior clients will take the time to participate. They turn in their (easy) homework assignment, share their wisdom, and unveil their pain in front of a live agency audience and a few of their peers. It's 90 impactful minutes of life-on-the-client-side transparency. 

Thank you to our many clients who have participated. And to the countless clients who have shaped our agency over the decades. Thank you for being honest, for caring enough to share, for helping us to be the best partner we can be. Thank you for your trust.


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