Broken in Seattle

POSTED BY Jodi Minehan on Apr 5, 2011

Besides hearts and the few rainclouds....

The interactive team others hit the streets during lunch a few weeks ago to find all the items/experiences that are 'broken' in Seattle.

Post lunch- we collected them and reviewed 2 weeks later. A few were the same, but most were different and allowed us to see all the issues and some quick prototype fixes- that could happen right in our own backyard/city block area.

Popular discoveries:

The HA bathroom sinks (Men & Women)

Street parking signs

Street Drainage (Partially due to the tragic rainstorm during the lunch hour)

Horrible bus signs- on the street and in the bus

Check the link below- for all the problems the solutions!

Broken in Seattle

**P.S. If you are with the City of Seattle or Metro- we should totally talk!

puddle pic thanks to Shane

WRITTEN BY Jodi Minehan

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