Calling all interns!

POSTED BY on Apr 17, 2015

Over the last couple of weeks, I have attended career fairs at two local schools, Cornish College of the Arts and The University of Washington. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to one of these types of events, but prepare yourself; it’s a little like speed dating (or at least what I think speed dating might be like) – amazing and exhausting. And, I love it. It is so great being able to see the work that students are producing and hear about all the thinking, hard work, and learning that goes into putting together such great portfolios. 

Speed pitching to Hornall Anderson at the UW career fair

Quite often, when I attend these events, I’ve got a bit of an agenda. I’m looking for people we might want to join our team here at HA. And right now, we’re looking for interns. Design interns, writing interns, even HR interns. So this may lead one to wonder – what does our intern program look like. Allow me to elaborate.

Speed pitching to Hornall Anderson at the UW career fair

Our interns are part of our team. As an intern, you are working with our teams on actual client work. For real. There’s no better way to put your skills into practice than digging into to real world problems. And, being part of a design firm, you’re likely working on two or three different client projects at a time. Time management is absolutely a skill people! Our interns are in the office every day, typically working a very full week. We also expect our interns to start and finish an internal project of their own choosing – something that will benefit them as well as HA. And, like with many things – it is what you make it. One of our past interns helped develop and refine the brand voice/tone for HA. WOW! Every day is different. You’re constantly challenged to push yourself. And you’ve got the opportunity to really make a difference, for us and for our clients.

Hornall Anderson interns share their experiences

So get out there, put your book together, and give it a shot. A bunch of our crew will be at the AIGA Reality Check in a couple weeks (April 25th to be exact) giving portfolio feedback. It’s a great chance to practice presenting your book and talking about your work. Take advantage of this great opportunity! We hope to see you there!


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