Corporate communication call to arms

POSTED BY Zak Menkel on Apr 13, 2009

I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus here, and maybe it’s just low hanging fruit, but I think it’s time for a paradigm-shift in the way we message our feelings to each other at work – call it “communication 2.0.”

I’d like to dogpile on that by saying I think it would be a real value-add if we took advantage of this value engineering phase in the economy and reevaluated our resourcing to really put a shoulder behind introducing more transparency and accountability into our process, so we can move forward with greater alignment and team synergy.

We need to define some cohesive best practices for creating our best practices, for goodness’ sake, and I think we have the bandwidth to really think outside the box on this one. By being proactive and not reactive, I think we can orchestrate a win-win for our brand and our collaborative partners.

I just wanted to put an action item on the table since it’s been on my radar lately. I’m always available for an off-line touch-base or a whiteboard session if anyone would like to leverage this as a jumping off point for a more dynamic conversation. I think there’s even an opportunity to monetize this if we can find a sticky, impactful, cross-platform solution.

Let’s feel empowered to use the knowledgebase here to really move the bar and benchmark our progress against robust, soup-to-nuts deliverables and results-driven thinking in real time.

Thank you.

***Full disclosure: Author is himself a jargon-jabbering interactive producer who often cringes at the verbal gems that come out of his mouth. This is not intended to be a high minded assault on industry jargon, just an invitation to be cognizant of the language we use and to make sure we’re striving for clarity in our communications and not muddying the waters with too many clich?s and buzzwords.

Coming next week: The Design Agency Acronym Glossary (DAAG)


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