Cunningham legacy embraces Seattle

POSTED BY Ashley Flanagan on Nov 2, 2011

We live in a multi-tasking age where phones, computers, ipads and pods are our safe haven. To be able to drag, drop, and dream through technology is what we've known to love. It's truly an honor to experience this meld of artistic forms and brilliance in Cunningham's choreography. His relationships between shape, light, motion and sound are a glance into a century of artistic innovation and perseverance. In the most memorable piece of the night, BIPED, there is live dance and digital shadow through projected video animation. The live instruments (electric guitar, cello, electric keyboard, acoustic double , violin and percussion) being reinforced by their electronic equivalents. To experience Biped is like no other. It reminds me that it's not only about what types of ideas we create, it's about how these ideas work together that truly defines a masterpiece.

WRITTEN BY Ashley Flanagan

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Nov 13, 2011 at 6:09pm

Biped is an exceptional piece of art. A thrilling way for people to be inspired by Merce Cunningham before his company leaves the scene ... hopefully with more art to come but not under the same umbrella.