Delivering unexpected ways to engage shopping center visitors

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Jul 27, 2009

"As channels of distribution shrink, consumer spending tightens and executional dollars become more scarce, innovative brands are exploring the pop-up format as a way to create focused, immersive consumer experiences. Emerging from their ephemeral SoHo-based past, these new pop-up expressions exist in high-visibility, high-traffic locations, providing a real opportunity to engage as never before.” – Ashley Arhart, Director of Retail Strategy for Hornall Anderson

Over the past couple of days Hornall Anderson’s POV on the resurgence and relevance of these pop-up stores has been noted in two different publications – The Economist and Retail Customer Experience. We not only have a POV about it, we've also created a new immersive customer experience for brands at Westfield Shopping Centers.

Hornall Anderson has been retained by the U.S. unit of the Westfield Group, developer, owner and operator of 119 shopping centers worldwide, to implement an innovative retail strategy based on immersive, interactive experiences. The new “experiences” represent a fresh opportunity for traditional, retail, service and online-only brands to engage the millions of U.S. shoppers in Westfield’s premium, high traffic retail spaces.

“We partnered with Hornall Anderson because of their proven experience with top consumer brands,” says Alan Cohen, Westfield’s U.S. executive vice president of marketing and partnership marketing. They have an impressive track record of coming up with innovative approaches to consumer business and generating brand preference by integrating interactive experiences into designed spaces.”

We will collaborate with Westfield to concept and design proprietary tools to provide a distinct offering for both partners and consumers. While each experience will be unique, the underlying concepts and technology solutions will allow Westfield to engage effectively and efficiently with a broad variety of brand partners.

“The goal is to open up the shopping centers to brands that customarily don’t enter the mall environment, and to allow traditional retail brands the flexibility to engage customers in a more immersive, memorable way,” said Jack Anderson, Co-founder and Creative Director for Hornall Anderson.

“Westfield saw an opportunity to create a new type of consumer-focused experience that both entertains and activates shoppers. The Infield Experiences will provide a really exciting way for brands to drive revenue in these high-traffic retail zones, and the built in metrics and tracking will allow them to gather real, detailed consumer insights,” said Ashley Arhart, Director of Retail Strategy for Hornall Anderson.

“This is an exciting prospect for the retail industry,” said Anderson. “It’s terrific that Westfield continues to lead in pursuing and piloting innovative concepts to enhance their customer experience. This is a unique opportunity, especially given the current economic climate, to connect today’s savvy shoppers with brands in a meaningful way. We really believe this type of interactive branding will be the next big wave in the shopping center experience.”

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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