Discovering a new pop-up experience

POSTED BY on Sep 15, 2016

Pop-up experiences are by no means something new, but Ikea has taken the experience to a new level. Always with an eye out for interesting creative work, a couple of our Hornall Anderson UK colleagues spied a new Ikea pop-up DIY restaurant in London’s trendy Shoreditch district yesterday.

The concept is based around encouraging people to come together—and for what greater reason than the enjoyment of food. Ikea constructed a pop-up shop attached to an open kitchen area where customers could watch chefs preparing food. In the space next door was an open working environment/café. Called “The Dining Club,” guests work alongside chefs to prepare simple Scandinavian-themed dishes. Essentially, diners become the restaurant owners for the evening—cooking and eating together with their guests.

In the midst of the expected kitchen showrooms and a shop of homewares, Ikea even offered customers the chance to experience a virtual kitchen, where they could change the color of the kitchen model with the flick of a switch.

As noted by Nicola Thomson, “It was really great to see Ikea in the centre of a town, interacting with its audience.”


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