DISRUPTION: A Space & Mindset

POSTED BY on Apr 29, 2013

Hornall Anderson was pleased to be included as a participant and host for Gensler, a global architecture firm, during their regional design retreat last week. Gensler's theme for the event was around "Disruption," and they sought out our firm and our Hornall Anderson Experience (HAX) lab as a great example of a place where experimentation and innovative thinking is happening.

I served as the "emcee" for the event, and we structured the dialogue around the past, present, and future of HAX along with some demos of things we're working on in the lab. Our CEO Jack Anderson spoke about the genesis of HAX - why and how it got started – and then our VP of Interaction Design David Glaze shared how the space and the mindset have evolved over time. Kevin Roth (who manages the joint) discussed the mechanics of how we run programs and experiments through HAX, followed by Anne Connell, our VP of Innovation, who drove home a few key messages and lessons learned around moving from "ideas" to "action," and the notion of constructive disruption.


We've partnered on projects with Gensler in the past, and admire them for the work they're doing. And we were happy to be recognized for the experimental work we're doing around interaction design in the built environment. There is tremendous power in collaboration and bringing together different creative perspectives to tackle tough client/consumer/brand challenges. We look forward to working on future "Disruptions" and using HAX as a place and a mindset to bring them to reality.


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