Early Childhood Design ‘Ed’

POSTED BY on Apr 11, 2008

This Ed Emberley book is one of my first fond memories of creative. I must’ve been about five-years-old; I discovered it at the public library. It’s amazing how many creatures, environments and stories you can make from your fingerprints! Ed taught me some of the basic principles of design, the stuff I relearned in college: color, texture, shape, repetition, scale...you know them. He also tutored me on how to make an idea with ‘legs’, something that could become a kit of parts, a campaign or identity. All with simplicity, character and wit. Thank you Ed Emberley!

Lauren graduated with a BFA in Communication Graphics from Texas Christian University. She has worked in Dallas for various design firms, and moved to Seattle in 1999. Today, Lauren loves her work as a Senior Designer and a mom, she's a passionate environmentalist, she dances like nobody's watching, and occasionally writes about herself in the third person.

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