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Be aware humans. We are being challenged on a very important trait that we think distinguishes ourselves from the jellyfish and pond scum of the planet in which we claim as ours to do with as we will.

My point:
I was reminded of what it means to be alive again from my Father this evening as he posted a video of animals empathically caring for one another. We have all seen the dog on YouTube, rescuing another dog that has been run over on a freeway. Risking his own life to save another. We get it. Dogs are social. They live in packs. They are essentially mutants of human engineering over thousands of years. We have intentionally tried and succeeded in many ways to breed our qualities upon them, so we expect them to behave a certain way, like proper people. So, when they behave like the animals that they really are and occasionally bite a person or whatever for some unexplained reason, we reprimand them from our perspective, punish them, judging them on our terms, our rules, the way we think as people and not the animals they truly are. My own dog has taken a liking to biting me and I sometimes take it personal, but it is not. We just do not really understand them in their world, nor do we take them, or respect them for that matter as individuals, life forms entitled to their animal opinions on the planet.

So surprise, the video my dad posted was not that of a dog, but of a turtle.

Wow. I think when we see a turtle helping a turtle, we should stop for a moment and check in with ourselves and ask, “what is really important in life”.

The turtle made me think of this...

about a month or so ago, I saw something horribly unbelievable yet true. I’m sure you have all seen it or heard about it. You know... the Chinese toddler out for a casual, unparented stroll in a nighttime urban intersection. The toddler gets run over by a passing car not once, twice and even pedestrians do not immediately bother to lend a hand to help or even care. Yes, eventually someone finally steps in and takes action? Why so long?

Did DEVO, AKA as “DE-EVOLUTION” have us figured out long ago? A joke that ultimately came true?

Talk about it...


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