Employee Spotlight: Bruce Stigler

POSTED BY on Jan 5, 2016

While Bruce’s job description may fall under one title, he also answers to: HurryUp–FireFighter–SometimesIllustrator–PPTGoTo–OccasionalAccountServiceDude–TheAdGuy–OfficeBartender–CubicalCocktailPartyPurveyor–ManWithTheLaugh. But it’s too hard to fit all that on a business card.

Meet Bruce Stigler, Senior Designer at our Seattle office.

1. Are you originally from Seattle? 

Nope, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, but I’ve been in Washington so long that I consider myself a native.   

2. Before working here, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

The most unusual job was the summer I spent working on my uncle’s ranch in Justin, Texas. The town was saluted on Heehaw that summer—population 1,016, and it was a big deal. Along with learning how to ride horses, drive huge tractors, harvest grains and work cattle, I also gained an immense appreciation for the hard work and long hours that are put in by the folks that feed America.

3. What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

I’m not one to sit still, so I have lots of activities that keep me busy. The latest is beekeeping. But I also love hiking, fishing, mountain biking, golfing, skiing, soccer and any chance to use a sawzall.

4. What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

One is tough, so I’ll go with three. My family, my faith, and cheese. I’ve been blessed with an amazing wife and two awesome boys who bring me tons of joy. My faith gives me great perspective and helps me manage some of the craziness in this business. And as much as I love great food, there is nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich. One of my favorites is fresh basil, tomato (from our garden) and mozzarella on crusty French bread, drizzled with olive oil and grilled on a Panini press, but a nice cheddar on multi-grain bread is the go-to.

5. What is your hidden talent?

Before switching over to graphic design, I was a Fine Art major. Even won a couple of scholarships for some of my work. I would love to set up a studio and get back to painting and sculpting sometime down the road.

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?

I can only list one? In that case, the use of straight quotes instead of the typographically correct curly quotes. This “'” is not acceptable people, unless you’re setting copy on a typewriter.

7. What is something most people would be surprised to know about you?

That I know how to fence.

8. Name 3 things on your bucket list.

- I’d love to visit Egypt and see the Great Pyramids

- Travel to all 7 Continents (I have 4 to go)

- Become fluent in another language

9. What is one of your personal mottos or favorite sayings?

Can’t is a four letter word.

10. Name a favorite line from a movie.

“We’ll get there when we get there.”  – Bob Parr, The Incredibles

11. What is your favorite part of your job? What makes you excited to come into the office every day?

The diversity of projects. We get to work on so many unique brands and different challenges every day, it’s always interesting. And it doesn’t hurt that I work with a group of unique, fun and talented people on those projects.




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