Employee Spotlight: Sarah Allen

POSTED BY on Sep 22, 2015

Sarah is our resident data whisperer—effortlessly and patiently able to translate financial numbers and stats into useful and understandable data for managers and investors.

Meet Sarah Allen, Senior Accountant at our Seattle office.

1. Are you from Seattle?

I was born and raised in Seattle. I’m a true Seattleite which means I’m a part of the “Seattle Freeze”. For example, if a stranger comes up to me and starts talking and being friendly I think they’re weird and want something from me. After traveling to other states and countries, I’ve come to realize I’m the weird one. Just because they are being friendly doesn’t mean they want something; it’s what people should be. One of my goals in life is to unfreeze myself, but it’s very hard to do living in Seattle.

2. Before working here, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Ummm…I think the most interesting job I’ve had is at Hornall Anderson, however the funniest job was working at a hair salon. I loved mingling with clients and seeing the before and after look of the services. Working with big diva personalities was a big challenge, but also fun. The best thing about the job was free hair services; I had a new color every month. 

3. What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

My main hobby right now is keeping ahead of my teenage daughter, however, when I’m not thinking about parenting I enjoy hiking, biking, reading novels, reading tarot, and watching TV series (currently I’m binge watching Homeland).

4. What is one thing you couldn’t live without?


5. What is your hidden talent?

Numbers, symbols, and identifying patterns…in other words, I’m Rain Man’s sister.

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Slow/idiot drivers and coworkers not emptying the kitchen sink drain.

7. What is something most people would be surprised to know about you?

Most people are surprised that I have a teenage daughter.  

8. Name 3 things on your bucket list.

- Spread my mother’s ashes over a rainforest in Brazil.

- Live somewhere out of Washington State.

- Do a family tree, and visit my ancestral countries (England, Ireland, Germany).

9. What is one of your personal mottos or favorite sayings?

“Being normal is boring” and “Life is short, buy the shoes”

10. Name a favorite line from a movie. 

“You can’t handle the truth!” — A Few Good Men

11. What is your favorite part of your job? What makes you excited to come into the office every day?

My co-workers! Accounting is in every business, but my team is one of a kind!




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