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POSTED BY Jodi Minehan on Mar 2, 2011

Ad age recently released an article I found rather fascinating - What Consumers Want From Brands Online

The findings indicated that they want discounts, they want ‘better’ customer service, they want games- and they want it through Facebook.

I actually find this ridiculously interesting- yet question its accuracy. Discounts aside- and focusing on facebook…

Brands communicate with their fans via ‘Like’-ing their page. Their updates show up in your feed -but let’s be honest- the reason you click that ‘Like’ button- is so others can see you liked it, and/or to find out when the sales and discounts are rolling out. So yes- you’re on it all the time, it would be the communication channel of choice- but only because you get to pick which brands communicate with you!

Interacting with the brands you like- and getting to snub everything else. I doubt this would still be the case if all users were subject to any brand that paid their way ala commercials/radio spots.

Tory Burch, Nordstrom , Chanel, Alexander McQueen – are all pages that I ‘Like’ on facebook. Why? Because they are active, because Tory Burch tells me when her private sales are happening and because I want to know who wore Alexander McQueen on the Red Carpet.

But how often does the consumer actually interact with the brand pages outside of the News Feed posts? Maybe once or twice- looking through the comments or pictures- but that’s pretty much it (random contests aside). The focus for the consumer is the daily content that is pushed out by the brands- and creating all that content isn’t as easy as you think. Sadly- I have been in too many meetings where the – We need a facebook page!- requests get thrown out, pages are created, only to sit there idle or wonder why people aren’t ‘Like’-ing them.

Always keep in mind- the key to successful social is active content and interacting with other users.

WRITTEN BY Jodi Minehan

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