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POSTED BY Michelle McRae on Dec 20, 2007

For years I’ve purchased my clothes, kids clothes, home gadgets and gifts online. I was an early believer because I could accomplish so much, so much more quickly by shopping online. In the beginning, I often looked at Parisian children’s clothing, or tiny (read: expensive) boutique clothing from New York – and loved sharing the link and a short daydream with a friend. But, I usually ended up back at the same retailers that anchor every mega mall in America.

My multi-tasking, high-achieving, never-forget-a-detail self was in hog heaven. A few years in, however, I started to realize that I was shopping mainstream retailers and buying gifts for efficiency’s sake and had given up my true love for hand-crafted, special and unique items. It was a harsh realization that I had become one of “those people.”

But alas, in a recent trend report I was pleased to discover my middle America cohorts are rediscovering the beauty, the joy and the LOVE of hand-crafted, unique and artisanal materials.

Not only is the list a great overview on global trends covering a wide spectrum of topics – just reading it reminded me of my place in the global economy – and our place as inventors, designers, communicators of great cool new things. And then, towards the bottom of the blog, is a link to Etsy.com – truthfully I had seen it before; but this article reminded me that as efficient as I can be at times – the trend of hand-crafted items is cool and I’d be psyched to be one of “those people.”

WRITTEN BY Michelle McRae

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