Following Nature’s Lead - Juice Cleanse Day #2

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Jan 17, 2013

27 people. 162 bottles. 1 day.

Day #2 of our office juice cleanse is now behind us. Can I get an “Amen?!” In all seriousness, I must say I’m impressed with the continued positive attitude and commitment by everyone participating. Despite the leftover chocolate birthday cake or the sandwiches up for grabs after the design team meeting, our group has held strong and stuck with the juice regime. Kudos to us!

One thing several of us have been experiencing (something our “juice coach” warned us about) is feeling a lot colder. Taking a stroll past the New Biz and PR department you may get the feeling you’ve come to visit grandma in the “home.” Nearly all of us ladies are sitting in our cubes bundled up in scarves, jackets, and most notably with matching blue heating pads resting on our laps.

But, our collection of empty bottles—a testament to our commitment—is building steadily and is a great reminder of all the good we’re doing for our bodies.

Here are some reflections of Day #2:

“I’m colder than usual, but we were warned that could be a side effect. Herbal tea has helped. I just wish I could submerge my entire body into my mug…you know, without people staring.”

“I had a great morning with a tiny headache. I ate a kale, tomato, avocado and lemon juice salad for lunch, like was suggested, and it actually made my headache worse, which I didn't expect. I still felt energetic, my belly was full, and in relatively good spirits. I drank lots of water, but only ended up drinking 3 juices because of the headache. I finished my day with almond milk before bed. I was so full of energy, that it took me a while to fall asleep. Yesterday was a challenge, but not as hard as I figured it'd be.”

“I felt great today. I snacked a little on some almonds and had a tiny salad to supplement lunch. For dinner I supplemented with some shrimp and a salad. With that and all the juice, I feel full and satisfied, if not ‘cleansed.’”

“I am pleasantly surprised at how full I am throughout the day given that all we really have is juice (with minimal sustenance). It’s a testament to what natural juice can do for our bodies. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself! Here’s to Day 3.”

“I fear the janitor thinks I have a drinking problem with all the empty paper cups filling my garbage can.”

“Overall, Day 2 was a lot harder than Day 1. Although I had less energy than I usually do (from lack of caffeine), I started the day feeling sure that I could complete another day of the juice ritual. I ended up only finishing 4 of the 6 juices, but never felt actually hungry.  All I can say is that I look forward to the Spicy Lemonade juice for some variety during the ‘Green Pack.’”

“OMG My juice ritual is amazing, on day two I was able to refinance my house, which saved me BIG, and my pee-stream is like a light-saber. Thank you Evolution Fresh!”

“One thing to note is how much the amount of water counts during this. The first day I finished almost 100oz of water by the end of the day and felt great, minus the multiple trips to the restroom. On day two, I started much slower on the water intake and finished only 32oz all day. I was much more sluggish and grouchy. I definitely learned that I have to drink way more to be successful.”

“Surprisingly, I’m feeling great (which is hilarious given I was the big skeptic in the office prior to the cleanse)! I’m actually enjoying all the juice blends, except for Vital Greens, that one is a tough pill to swallow! My body I think is responding well to having all these fruits and veggies in it and is not really missing my usual fare. This is my first juice cleanse, but I can honestly say it won’t be my last!”

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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