Following Nature’s Lead - Juice Cleanse Day #3

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Jan 18, 2013

27 people. 0 bottles. 0 day.

Wow! The 3 days of our juice cleanse are over! Done. Completed. Victory. You know, a bolting through the finish line in desperate search of a cheeseburger kind of victory. Whether we stayed true to the cleanse plan, or had to supplement a little with healthy choices for our individual body needs, I’m so proud that we all remained committed and got through the challenge as a group. Having the camaraderie throughout it all has definitely been a huge benefit. Something I would certainly recommend to anyone else planning to venture into a major cleanse like this.

Following are some shared reflections of our group’s experience this week:

“I typically have to take some Melatonin almost every night to relax and still my mind enough to fall asleep, but I just realized that although I’ve had some challenges with this cleanse, I haven’t had to take anything to help me sleep over the past three nights. Obviously, this cleanse is an indication that something I’m eating has been adversely affecting me.”

“I have a spa appt. scheduled for this weekend, and am glad I didn’t opt for an algae wrap this time. I think I need to take a brief respite from anything green.”

“Woke up 2 minutes before my alarm went off, full of energy and ready for the day! A tiny headache lingered, but I didn't really want food at all. I tried to eat the salad our coach recommended (kale, avocado, tomato, lemon juice) for lunch, but wasn't hungry (!!!), so I only ate the avocado and a few cherry tomatoes. All and all, I had 4 juices and lots of water and that was all I needed. I had plenty of energy and was focused throughout the day. Overall, I'm amazed at the way I feel after 3 days of drinking the nutrients my body needs. I'm motivated to someday do the juice cleanse again!”

“Not ashamed to say I already have my mind set on a juicy burger for lunch today.”

“I have to say that I felt pretty good by the end of day 3. Had a birthday celebration and our friends commented on our positive attitudes that they contributed to the juice. It is great to be more aware of what you are eating, but I am generally pretty conscious of the choices I make. I didn't have any problem feeling full with the juice, but I can't imagine not including almonds and salads along with it.”

“With my 3-day juice ritual now behind me, I’m excited to FINALLY summit Mount Everest this weekend. Augh…I’ve heard it’s really hard.”

“Well, I made it! Third day was the best of the three – the end was in sight, and the routine was in place. Strangely I felt less hunger than before, and only drank 4 bottles (plus a leafy salad). I actually do feel better, and hope to carry on the 'less caffeine/more fruits and veggies' approach for a while. And although I'm still not loving the greens juices much, I think I'll aim to fit those in for a boost more regularly.”

"I will definitely be incorporating the juices into my health routine, although probably not as frequent. I did have a Vital Greens as a base to my smoothie this morning and I can’t explain to you how much I enjoyed change of taste.”

"Holy mother bear – what a ride?! Honestly, I don’t think I would’ve done this on my own, but with my HA-wesome peers – I did it. And, I was quite surprised at how well we all did. This taught me that I can manage my cravings and get the nutrients I need through pure juice. Would I participate in a Juice Ritual again? Maybe. Am I going to eat pizza, chicken wings, and nachos at the Chinese buffet this weekend? You better believe it!"

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Eathan hunt

Jan 28, 2013 at 8:43am

Congratulations for your 3 day juice cleanse. Definitely it is like summit Mount Everest. I am looking for my 2nd juice cleanse program.

Christina Arbini

Jan 21, 2013 at 3:23pm

Not sure about that, Rebecca, but be sure to watch the Evolution Fresh website for any updates. :-)


Jan 21, 2013 at 2:56pm

Anxiously waiting for the product to hit the east coast. When, may I ask?