Get your hands off my Kombucha

POSTED BY Chris Freed on Jul 19, 2010

It had been quite a while since we designed and built the last synergydrinks.com website and we like to think that it lasted for so long because it was that good. And when we got the opportunity to put some bigger rims on the ride we were pretty excited because GT’s Kombucha has been a favorite drink of many in the office (we miss you Sonja).

One of our objectives was to make the community that has helped spread the word of the drink have more of a presence. The idea was to get people to submit their own photos of them with GT’s Kombucha and get them excited to be an advocate of the brand online. This will also encourage drinkers, no pun intended, to come back to the site and see the new photos as they are posted.

One of my favorite flavors in Mystic Mango.

GT’s Kombucha

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