Green Banana T-Shirt Club

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Apr 2, 2009

Hornall Anderson's Green Banana T-Shirt Club, established in 2007, is like a T-shirt club o’ the month deal, except it’s not quite every month.

Club membership is open to all employees of Hornall Anderson, but only members who are designers have the opportunity to create a shirt with free reign. (Well, with certain print production restrictions.) Every 6 weeks a designer is randomly selected to design a shirt, which means that one by one, all GB T-Shirt designer members will be required to make a unique shirt graphic.

Part of the fun is that no one gets to see the design until it is delivered, so there is always an element of surprise. Depending on the recipient’s point of view, a shirt can be the coolest thing ever, or a $13 bike rag.

Seventeen shirts have been produced so far, each as individual as their creators.

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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