Green Up Tip: No. 10

POSTED BY Mary Hermes on Dec 11, 2009

Words. They can have a profound impact.

A real and thoughtful handwritten letter is hard to come by in our fast paced, email driven, quick phone call world.

What the heck would you write?

1. Simply tell the person how much she/he means to you.

2. Remind her of a funny story you remember from years ago or last year.

3. Tell him what you've learned from him.

4. Write a list of words that describe the person.

5. Write or illustrate a joke or silly story.

6. Check out some ideas at storycorps.net

(the story corps project is amazing. It's worth a visit.)

What would it look like?

1. Hand written on special paper that you can get at an art or stationary store.

2. Write in small notebook and slip it in an nice envelope.

3. Fold it in a unique way and slip it into a handmade envelope.

4. It could be a little, itty bitty, teeny tiny, thing. (see below)

5. Tape together several pieces of fun or interestng papers you have around your home. The hand written words on top will lace it all together.

6. Don't be afraid to include little drawings within your message.

Of course, the important thing is your message, not the way it looks.

You get the idea! Give it a try.

It's sure to make a lasting impression.

WRITTEN BY Mary Hermes

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