Green Up Tip: No. 13

POSTED BY Chang-Ling Wu on Dec 16, 2009

Save Energy, Save Your Wallet

Christmas lights play a big part of the holiday season. However, they consume a lot of energy and money. A smart way to save on this is to switch from regular incandescent lights or CFL lighting, over to the LED light bulb. The cost comparison charts by eartheasy.com shows that you can save over 500 dollars and gain 50k hours of light using a LED source, as opposed to regular incandescent light bulbs. Even though LED cost slightly higher than regular incandescent bulbs, it’s a long-term winner.

shop and save:

Home Depot: You can recycle your old Christmas light strings at Home Depot and receive a Christmas LED light bulbs coupon.

Philips: You also receive a rebate when purchasing LED light blubs through December 31, 2009.

WRITTEN BY Chang-Ling Wu

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