Green Up Tip: No 3

POSTED BY Mary Hermes on Dec 2, 2009

Positively Green Cards - Mission, Message and Amazingly Artful

We have a sweeeeeeeeet card company right here in our home town.

The universe of Freemont, to be exact. Postively Green Cards.

The company is all about doing well in the world.

1. Donating 10% of Profits to organizations that protect our environment & fight Global Warming

2. Printing Sustainably with Soy Inks on FSC-certified, 100% post consumer recycled fiber.

3. Beautifully inspiring message and then a "Do Something Green" tip on the back of each card.

This company is a shining example of a new wave of companies that are embracing a triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

Get your holiday cards online, PCC or many local bookstores.

WRITTEN BY Mary Hermes

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