Green Up Tip: No. 5

POSTED BY Mary Hermes on Dec 4, 2009

No Wrap Fun : 3 options that range from easy peasy to a little planning

Option 1: Hot Cold - Easy Peasy

What to do:

A. Hide unwrapped gifts all over and around your house. Being creative with your hiding spots makes it more fun. Places like on the cat, in pots, in the freezer or dryer, in the garage, under a hat, in a tree outside and so on.


B. Let the person know the closer they get the warmer the will be. Range from freezing cold, I see ice cubes forming, cold, colder, getting warmer, warmer, hot, boiling, on fire!

C. Remember where you hid the gift(s). Make a list or a map if you are short on memory.

Kids love this game and it’s fun for adults, too. One time it took my teen nephew 3 days to find his gift. And it was fun for everyone to watch.

Option 2: String Maze – Medium Simple

What to do:

A. Hide unwrapped gifts all over and around the house.

B. Connect all the gifts with a string. Start from the final destination and wind the string all over the place, around chair legs, the table, it could go up the stairs and down, in the garage, in one car door and out the other. Have them follow the string with their body. They'll be doing crazy things. You get the idea.

The trick is to have it all set up with a designated start spot. The person follows the string path from that starting point to find their gift or gifts and have fun doing it. There can be gifts along the way or a jackpot at the end.

Solution 3: Sherlock Holmes – Some planning required, but well worth it

What to do:

A. Hide unwrapped gift(s) around the house. Be creative by slipping a gift between cookbooks, under a sofa cushion, taped to the ceiling, on the dog’s collar and so on.

B. Write or draw clues in the form of riddles or questions that take them closer and closer to their gift(s). Tiny surprises along the way to the mother load can be fun. You could also make a treasure map.

It’s a little extra effort, but it is well worth the fun.

WRITTEN BY Mary Hermes

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