Green Up Tip: No. 8

POSTED BY Chang-Ling Wu on Dec 9, 2009

Trade, Barter, Recycle

Kids never play with stuff for very long, and are always growing out of their current set of toys. So, when you shop for holiday gifts for kids, why don’t you give your little one recycled toys, rather than new ones? Nieces and nephews have lots of extra toys…as long as they are new to them, they’re fun. It's the perfect chance for kids to practice giving away toys they've outgrown.

For more for information about trading with others or buying used items for less than new, you can check out the following lists recommended

by Green America:

• Excess Access.com

• Craigs List.com

• Ebay.com

• Freecycle.org

WRITTEN BY Chang-Ling Wu

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