Green Up Tip: No. 9

POSTED BY Kathleen Ullman on Dec 10, 2009

Get your green on this holiday season by decorating with found objects

In the spirit of being green and saving money this year, how about decorating with home-made and nature-made goodies? Pinecones, acorns, cranberries and popcorn can all be strung on a thread for a pretty garland. Dried citrus slices hung with a silk ribbon make for a stunning ornament and smell yummy! Add a piece of twine to leaves or a feather for another airy decoration. And why not include a bit of whimsy with a strand of bow-tie pasta? The possibilities are endless!

When dried and stored correctly these goodies can last for years too. Have a few ideas of your own, share them here in the comments section and happy decorating!

Image Credits: Pine Cone Trees by Posh Pieces, Citrus Garland by Southern Living

WRITTEN BY Kathleen Ullman

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