Ground control to Major Tom

POSTED BY Tony DeVincenzi on Oct 12, 2009

Sometimes it's about having fun. For the 2009 AIGA Seattle studio tours, we teamed up with 3 of the participating studios (HL2, Pop, Methodologie) to visualize a common twitter hash trend (#studiotours). Using Twitter as our database framework, each studio was responsible for their own visualization needing only to source #studiotours for data.

Our approach? Outer space, of course. Each studio was assigned a unique planet to which specific tweets with relevance to the particular studio would orbit. Planetary statistics (Colonization, settlements, conditions) were generated based on activity statistics over the course of the evening.

The Twitterverse was displayed via large projection. An additional interface was set up to allow those visitors without a Twitter account to participate.

WRITTEN BY Tony DeVincenzi

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