HA Convergence: Sips of Fun + Wisdom

POSTED BY on Apr 29, 2009

The days of basic black tea are long gone. Consumer taste for delight, sophistication and the appetite for functional foods seems more insatiable than ever. With specialty tea representing the fastest growing segment of the tea industry, it’s truly no wonder tea sales are expected to double over the next 5 years. Today was Fun, an herbal tea company, has found a distinctive approach to differentiating its teas from major grocery brands who are attempting to gain market share.

Sure the folks from Today was Fun saw emerging trends, but they didn’t set out with a blatant play on wellness or develop a host of organic herbal teas targeted towards sophisticated consumers. Instead, they created five hand-blended, herbal teas that are uniquely packaged and wrapped in words of wisdom. This creates a complete consumer experience for all to enjoy. Their goal is to “make the most of today” in an authentic manner that reflects their philosophy.

Have a look at one of their teas – Love Love tea is packaged in a pink box tied by hand with organic cotton. The outside label espouses their philosophy of love along with a secret love note tucked inside. And, their variety pack of five teas tucked in a clever, origami-style, star-shaped package demonstrates that they have found a formula for success – for themselves and consumers.

Exploring the trends


Today, more than ever, there is a heightened desire for authenticity as we seek to scale back and simplify our lives. Today Was Fun genuinely expresses this in its brand voice through friendly, personal stories and carefully wrapped packaging with a hand-crafted touch.

High Design

It’s easy to think about consumers’ higher level expectations as “bling” or badge value but it’s more than that. High design can also lead the way to consumers’ hearts by connecting with them emotionally and creating experiences that offer a sense of delight and discovery.


Herbal, organic tea blends and their inherent properties certainly appeal to those turning to products offering physical health benefits. Rounding this

out with a little mental wellness provided in terms of philosophical advice is

a bonus.

What it means to you

Staying true to who you are and engaging consumers in an authentic manner is no easy feat. However, a unique combination of trends may provide the right amount of inspiration and identify a unique point of difference. Refer to the seven overlapping trends that relate to your underlying needs to discover potential innovation opportunities.


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