HA Lost & Found, episode 1

POSTED BY Steve Quenell on Jun 13, 2012

  • XL “Get Your Fon Oden 52” T-shirt
  • Wells Fargo/Trail Blazers grey baseball hat
  • Green Banana (Elatia-style) note book full of notes re. 4 Culture, HTC
  • Spiral-bound Stockfood notebook
  • Warby Parker eyeglass holder
  • Black Audio-technica pouch
  • Spiral-bound Dynamic Signal notebook w/ notes about Quaker
  • A small Rebinder pad with notes re. 4 Culture and a nice drawing of Matt Frickelton (?)
  • A small Rebinder pad with notes re. vegans
  • A spiral bound Mead notebook with notes re. PayPal, Intel, Polygon Homes
  • Hardback copy of The Little Big Things by Tom Peters
  • A copy of Clicking by Faith Popcorn & Lys Marigold
  • Sony headphones
  • A stack of grey make-your-own small envelopes
  • Some notes re. “Summer Backyard/Happy Home”
  • A metal IPhone stencil
  • Two vintage, French paper cut-out sheets (one of a fish, one of a boat) in sleeves
  • A broach pin of a bird with jeweled wings
  • A Starbucks Evolution manila envelope with status updates included
  • A strategy deck that reads “Millennials In Perspective”
  • a fish bracelet made in Germany
  • a jade rattle ball
  • one black glove (a lefty)
  • several copper rods of various sizes

Anything not claimed by the end of the week will be gifted to the next intern.

WRITTEN BY Steve Quenell

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Jun 15, 2012 at 3:08pm

Nice shopping list.