HA Stache Bash

POSTED BY Kathleen Ullman on Jun 2, 2009

The stache is making a comeback, and in true Hornall Anderson fashion we couldn’t let Moustache May pass without incident. Sixteen HA gentlemen decided to participate and grow a bit of lip fuzz to compete in our first ever Stache Bash. Below is the poster showcasing the precious mouth brows and a score card we each received to vote for our fave. All received a paper stache to join in the festivities.

The Winners each took home a ribbon and moustache key ring - never to be without a flavor saver again! Congratulations to Michael for taking home the gold, Jay coming in at a close second and Jon winning third! Thanks to everyone for participating, it was an entertaining month around here with all the face fuzz.

WRITTEN BY Kathleen Ullman

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