HA “Swingers” Softball Report 6/23

POSTED BY on Jun 25, 2015

Hey Folks,
Welp, it was a nail-biter, but the HA Swingers pulled it off again! Details (and photography) by Jordan Lee are below.

Too Big To Fail?
The Swingers have been riding high on their recent streak of three straight blow-outs, but their opponents have been relatively small-market teams with little experience.  The challengers for Tuesday’s match-up were to be nothing like the Swingers’ previous victims. Tonight they would face the only other undefeated team, Fund of Fun.
Fund of Fun (FoF) is a relatively new franchise backed by the deep pockets of the global investment juggernaut, Black Rock. Black Rock has stretched its investment tentacles from Des Moines to Kuala Lumpur. They have been instrumental in managing the Federal TARP program and advising Greece on their current financial crisis. FoF knows serious risk when they see it, and tied with the Swingers at 3-0 for first place, this was to be a take-no-prisoners match-up.
The Swingers were at home, and after a few early defensive miscues they were down six runs after half an inning. Unrattled, the Swingers shot back and fired off four home runs in the first inning and regained some composure. The Swingers did what they had to do to chip away at the Fund of Fun’s offensive efforts. Swinger’s defense was bolstered by stellar defensive plays from the rookies Katie Polenick in left-field and Angela Pasquale at third-base. Both players were targeted frequently by FoF batters throughout the game, but came up with clutch plays.
With the Swingers Pitcher/Skipper down in Belize scouting for new talent, coaching decisions were being made by committee. Swingers veterans knew that we had to be aggressive at the plate and on the bases. Third-base coach, Jonny “These Colors Don’t Run” Wilkens, sends Colton “Dusty” Dunn into home head-first where he was thrown out in a play that instant replay would have overturned. Asked about the call, Wilkens was insistent, “It was the right move!”
The Swingers chipped away at the Black Rock FOF lead and went into the final inning up two runs. Solid defensive plays by shortstop August Matteo and big rag-doll stretches from Matt Frickelton at first-base, retired the capitalists. There would be no Government Bail-Out for Black Rock, who will be the likely contenders for the championship later this season.
Finishing with a 15-13 win, the Swingers faced their first real test of the season. They proved their mettle and extended their winning streak to four wins, while remaining undefeated. Get your tickets for next week’s match-up, Tuesday 6/30 @ 9:00 PM in Queen Anne (club level seats are limited).


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