HA to reposition Tropicana Entertainment’s brand as value leader

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Mar 18, 2009

Hornall Anderson has been retained by Tropicana Entertainment, LLC – an indirect subsidiary of Tropicana Casinos and Resorts – to elevate its service and value standards as part of a global repositioning of its legendary brand, while helping define and deliver a customer experience that appeals to cost sensitive, value conscious customers.

“Our engagement comes at a critical time in business that points more than ever to the importance of every company recognizing and immediately responding to customer’s definition of value,” said Laura Jakobsen, Brand Strategy Director for Hornall Anderson. “It is not just about lower cost; value has its own service profit chain that will be defined based on the needs and habits of both local and destination consumers."

While the first deliverable will be to reestablish a brand identity, that is merely an image of a larger story based on each and every employee and their service interactions with customers to make the Tropicana experience exactly what it should be.

“We’ve had a unique opportunity to analyze the gaming, hospitality and entertainment markets,” said Riad Shalaby, Tropicana’s Chief Marketing Officer, “and it is clear that as people begin digging their way out of the recession, customer service and value are going to be increasingly important in our category. Our brand revitalization effort will concentrate on delivering value-centered experiences that distinguish our properties.”

Hornall Anderson will integrate design and experience as a way of sparking brand preference and customer retention for Tropicana Entertainment, with the goal of winning back customers. The repositioning will also focus on establishing Tropicana as a brand that can maximize value for its stakeholders by serving an emergent post-recession consumer segment.

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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