HAX Footprint: Brainstorm Meets Beer Friday

POSTED BY on Apr 7, 2011

If there are two things you should know about Hornall Anderson, it’s that we love to work hard and we love to play hard. And sometimes we do both at once!

We put this into practice last Friday evening when we moved our usual Beer Friday from our caf? down to the HAX Lab to have some fun, while conducting a little experiment and research around Footprint — a HAX Lab project based on the idea of harnessing the energy of footsteps and converting that energy into an experience. And to help with this research, we had the opportunity to borrow the Sustainable Dance Club floor system, an energy floor product that came to us all the way from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

SDC’s mantra is “People. Planet. Party!” In other words, doing your part for the planet can be fun. The harder someone dances and jumps on SDC’s dance floor, the more energy is produced. Using the current SDC set-up, the energy can be displayed through lights on the floor or an energy meter, and captured through a control panel with battery storage.

Being the curious creatives we are, we couldn’t help but wonder about the possibilities of how we might use this energy. We hooked up the X-Box Kinect and played Dance Central, followed by some freestyle dancing with our in-house DJ. So, while we boogied down, we also ideated how this alternative energy system could help us build meaningful experiences for our clients.

We had a fabulous time, created a buzz around sustainable energy, and came up with a mountain of ideas on how we could use this technology! Funny how great times and great ideas happen hand-in-hand around here.

Check out this video of us using the floor in the Lab!

Lauren graduated with a BFA in Communication Graphics from Texas Christian University. She has worked in Dallas for various design firms, and moved to Seattle in 1999. Today, Lauren loves her work as a Senior Designer and a mom, she's a passionate environmentalist, she dances like nobody's watching, and occasionally writes about herself in the third person.

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