HIVE 5, thanks for coming!

POSTED BY Tony DeVincenzi on Nov 20, 2009

We would like to thank everyone who attended HIVE 5 with Hornall Anderson and AIGA Seattle. The very-much-oversold event was a clear indication of the energy and commitment the Seattle community holds for experience design. Additional thanks are in order for both Chris Monberg and Ashley Arhart who delivered great discussions on interaction, experience and engaging built spaces as framework for storytelling narrative.

The event was held on November 10th at the Hornall Anderson Experience Lab (HAX) and was our first public viewing of the new space. For more information about HAX please continue to visit the Hornall Anderson blog (right here). Direct inquiries can be sent to hax@hornallanderson.com

Did you attend? See photos from the event.

Stay tuned for more information about the announced 2010 HAX fellowship. There will be a follow up blog entry along with an email blast to the attendee email list.

WRITTEN BY Tony DeVincenzi

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