Hornall Anderson Celebrates A Boooootiful Day

POSTED BY on Oct 31, 2011

Despite the recent flurry of exciting news and activity in our office—announcing our UK office, launching our new website, mixed in with our usual hard work for our wonderful clients—we put our creative juices to extracurricular use and took a much-needed, brief respite to celebrate Halloween. In addition to handing out candy to employees’ trick-or-treating kids (and to some hungry grown-up co-workers wandering the halls), we held a cakewalk (harkening back to childhood school carnivals)…

Some of the cakes at the cakewalk:

And dressed in costume and held a contest for “Funniest,” “Most Shocking,” “Most Creative,” and “Best Group.” For a peek at ALL of the creatures roaming Hornall Anderson’s halls today, check out our Facebook page (feel free to “Like” us while you’re there).

"Funniest" costume award: TV Painter icon, Bob Ross (and his "happy little trees")

"Most Creative" costume award: French Toast

"Most Shocking" costume award: Little Edie Beal from "Grey Gardens"

"Best Group" costume award: Tweets!

So, do tell. What is YOUR Halloween costume this year?

Christina Arbini is the Public Relations Supervisor at Hornall Anderson. Contact her at c_arbini@hornallanderson.com or follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter @PR_ChristinaA.

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chloe chanel van dyke

Mar 19, 2015 at 2:19pm

how to MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!/FRENCH TOAST