Hornall Anderson Celebrates International Women's Day

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Mar 6, 2014

On Friday, March 7th, Hornall Anderson is supporting International Women’s Day. This day is to honor and celebrate women’s equality globally in hopes of inspiring change now, and for the future. Here at Hornall Anderson, we are fortunate enough to have a wonderful group of talented women who admire and respect one another and strive together to make an impact, not just professionally, but in our personal and philanthropic lives. We feel grateful for this unique bond we all share together and we believe we are stronger and better for it. And yes, we still absolutely adore and appreciate the men that we get to work alongside with each and every day, as well.

Here are some thoughts from a few of our employees on inspiring change, being a woman and (from our male comrades) what they admire about the women in their lives:

I strive every day to put out good intentions to the universe, through my thoughts, words, actions and energy. I always make an effort to be empathetic toward others and listen to those in need with compassion and kindness with the intent to—in even the smallest way—hopefully inspire a positive change or outlook that they might use to inspire others. Christina A.

Some of my greatest mentors in life and in my career have been and are women. And, it isn’t because they’re women trying to prove something. It’s that we are lucky to live in a country and a time where women and men alike have the opportunity to dream, achieve and excel. Maureen E.

As a child, I watched my mother juggle putting herself through law school while raising 2 kids. I took note of both her strong work ethic and drive of bettering herself and her family. Although she has never held me up to that high standard, I am constantly asking myself, “Am I working as hard as my mother to have a better, more enjoyable life?” Matt F.

God has placed women in my life that have imparted wisdom to me in areas of discipline, service to others and spiritual growth. I am incredibly grateful for this mentorship, as it sharpens me and helps me to encourage other women. Jackie C.

I seek in others what I would want them to seek in me – integrity, camaraderie, joy, truth and love. I believe people are capable of more than others might think and I relish in the moments when they prove it to be true. Erin C.

I anticipate change; it’s my superpower. I look for who might be going through changes of their own. I think about what scenarios might be about to happen and who might need support to adapt to them. I offer change a little momentum when it needs it. I know some things will never change, but don't assume that anything will stay the same. Liz J.

There are two ways that I inspire change. The first is by being a voice for women's equality whenever it might be called upon. And for me, that's usually addressing comments made in casual conversation that I interpret as limiting or falsely defining the role of women in our society. I do what I can in my own sphere of influence in order to bring about change, even if it’s little by little. The second way is to become the type of woman I'd like to see more of in the world ­– a woman in leadership, who stands up for her rights and makes her own decisions about what's best for her life regardless of anyone else's expectations. It really seems crazy to have to talk about this in 2014, but obviously a need for awareness still exists. Katie L. 

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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