Hornall Anderson Interns Unplugged

POSTED BY Aaron Stusser on Aug 2, 2011

On my 20th day as an intern, I walk into the office of Jack Anderson, CEO of Hornall Anderson, with a pancake shaped like the company logo on a plate. I explain that the pancake is both a gift from me and an invitation, if he has time soon, to grab a cup of coffee with me.
We end up having coffee a week later.
My nickname at the office is Duchess; it’s a convoluted story on how I got it, but I actually like it. I am an Account Services and Marketing Intern at Hornall Anderson. And I had coffee with the CEO of one of the oldest and largest design firms in Seattle. Tell me how many interns have done that. Take it from me, this is where you want to intern, if you’re up for the challenge.
We have various internship opportunities here, including (but not limited to) Account Services, Interactive, Design, Marketing, and Accounting. For example, Alex Park is an intern using his background in video production to experiment with new applications of film.  He also created the video that accompanies this post.
It’s important to understand that Hornall Anderson is a creative agency, meaning that every day will be different than the next. One day, I might be working with beer brands; the next, adult diapers. Not everyone wants that kind of spontaneity, yet literally every person in the office thrives on it and molds that spontaneity better, harder, and faster than anyone I have ever met.
I don’t sit at my desk reading practice case studies all day until at last someone gives me the opportunity to plug budget changes into an Excel spreadsheet. I don’t update the corporate Facebook page with information on a new office water cooler. Instead, interns work with real clients, get computers, work with 3D printers and augmented reality, make calls on our own phone lines, and meet in conference rooms named after scenes from the movie Zoolander (and yes, someone was just paged to Mugatu). When we make a mistake, it costs money. And we work hard to make real money. Sometimes I am so involved in projects, I forget I’m an intern altogether. At Hornall Anderson, the only difference between an intern and a full-time employee is the expiration date.
Okay, and perhaps several years of experience.
During Jack’s and my conversation, I proceeded to ask him how I could be a successful intern; something I believe many students don’t fully know. He explained that I am, inevitably, to prove my boss’ worth in order to prove mine. This belief is seen throughout Hornall Anderson; we do work for other companies with the sole hope of creating amazing branding solutions to prove their worth, in order to prove ours.  If you can tolerate creating world-renowned work, while challenging to remain humble, this is the place for you.
Did I mention we have kegs in the kitchen?

WRITTEN BY Aaron Stusser

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Dec 25, 2012 at 5:50pm

Can't help but notice that all the people interviewed were men! Aren't there any female interns?

Nicole Thomson

Jun 1, 2012 at 12:32pm

For someone who is looking forward to one day working as an intern at Hornall Anderson, this was very helpful! The video was interesting enough to watch and what's more, I actually read the story that followed!! :)

This gives me wonderful insight to what working at Hornell Anderson as an intern would be like. Great job!