Hornall Anderson tips its hat to the Queen

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Jun 19, 2012

Better late than never! A couple weeks ago our Seattle office joined our UK offices in celebrating their Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (the Queen’s 60th year in reign for all you non-Anglophiles). This was also a great way to continue toasting our Marmite client’s special limited-edition Ma’amite package that’s received such phenomenal praise from the public and press.

The employees of each office donned their festive hats and fascinators and snapped some photos of the festivities. For more photos see the album on our Facebook page.

London Office:

Leed's Office:

Seattle Office:

And for some added hilarity, one of the Seattle’s office’s resident Brits graciously provided us with a video tutorial on the proper way to dunk your biscuit

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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