How Icons Can Be Used to Power Brands

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Jan 28, 2014

Marketers know that symbols or icons can help brands to achieve immediate recognition with consumers. Yet, how many are truly memorable? Famous icons like the Nike Swoosh, Apple’s Apple, Audi’s four interlocking Silver Rings, Starbucks’ Mermaid and McDonald’s Golden Arches are often cited with envy in marketing circles. They’re instantly recognized around the globe and represent their specific brands’ values as well as their brand promise, but there’s more. These icons elicit emotional responses and forge relationships with consumers. That’s where their true power lies. The relatively few that achieve this make superstars of their brands. This article written by Ted Mininni, President of Design Force, Inc., describes how icons can be used to power brands and enlists our Doritos "Jacked" packaging as a successful case study.

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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