How to Wallpaper an immersive interactive experience

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Jul 31, 2009

The Microsoft Visitor Center’s immersive interactive experience was featured today on Wallpaper — a publication focused on design, interior, art, architecture, fashion, travel, and technology.

Touted by the magazine as “a corporate experience extraordinaire,” and “an attempt to create a ‘hands on’ environment that brings Microsoft’s invisible products and services to life,” the article includes photos of the Visitor Center accompanied by a feature video “fly thru” of the space.

Created in partnership between Hornall Anderson and SkB Architects, the Microsoft Visitor Center communicates the innovative approach behind space redesign and brings a holistic, customer-centric experience and human element to the technology giant. Leveraging a mix of the physical and virtual, we created a series of interactive and digital media installations that connect people with the life-enriching capabilities of Microsoft technology.

“The most exciting thing about the Visitor Center was the opportunity to express the Microsoft brand in an experience-based, consumer-facing way. This type of venue provides a completely new brand context for Microsoft, and provided us with a rich creative territory to explore and define.”

— Mark Popich, Design Director at Hornall Anderson

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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