I am green.

POSTED BY on Jan 15, 2008

We’re all familiar with marketing buzzwords. Today that word is “green.” So what is green? Certainly it’s a color that I know when I see it, but what does it mean in the words of politicians, marketers, and consumers? That is the relevant question.

The next year(s) will continue to shape this word. While we all know the positives behind it, when will it lose its luster? How abused will it get before the cynics in all of us get fed up? Will “green” need to be defined or regulated? Remember the word “natural” ten years ago on a pack of eggs in the grocery store? Well, we know now that “natural” is about as impactful as “trust me.” It has taken the USDA to restrict and regulate certain words—and create definition for others (note the USDA Organic seal).

So when will it happen, and who will decide it? Is it still “green” to buy carbon credits to offset manufacturing damage, yet manufacture a gas-guzzling SUV? How long can we really afford to buy a clean conscience? I’m eager to see where this wave will break.


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