Introducing a "new" logo for REI

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Oct 27, 2015

Having a great history of partnership with quality outdoor gear retailer REI, we were truly thrilled with the opportunity to work together once again on the creation of the REI identity, launched publicly this week.

Inspired by the Co-op's heritage logo, the "new" REI identity was evolved to lead with, and celebrate, REI as a different kind of company. The identity change serves as a starting point for a larger conversation around the Co-op and their commitment to a life outdoors-as demonstrated in their #optoutside movement for Black Friday.

Hornall Anderson believes in making brilliant impact for people and the planet. For REI, that meant partnering to create an identity that would resonate with employees (some who have been with the company for 40+ years), members (some who have been loyal customers for even longer), and the broader community that shares a belief in living life outdoors.

"Hornall Anderson understands that great brands and organizations are built from the inside out," says Ben Steele, Chief Creative Officer at REI. "So, of course, we wanted to collaborate with a group of people who do it best. And we couldn't be happier with the work."


WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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REI cant see

Oct 30, 2015 at 1:53pm

...wow guys, this one goes in the Gap / Pepsi logo bucket