Is Twitter a trap?

POSTED BY Jeff Alpen on Apr 29, 2009

If you are like me - the Sunday edition of the NY Times is read in a series of sittings. First I start with the sports, then business, then style, then the front page and then my baby is awake. The rest of the paper is consumed in bite size chunks throughout the rest of the week - early mornings and late nights.

Last evening I got to the magazine (from two weeks ago) and worked my way through to Virginia Heffernan's column: THE MEDIUM and specifically the article: Let Them Eat Tweets. I'll preface the following by noting that I don't do Facebook, nor do I tweet. Here is what she purports:

“Connectivity is poverty” ... Only the poor — defined broadly as those without better options — are obsessed with their connections. Anyone with a strong soul or a fat wallet turns his ringer off for good and cultivates private gardens that keep the hectic Web far away. The man of leisure...savors solitude, or intimacy with friends, presumably surrounded by books and film and paintings and wine and vinyl — original things that stay where they are and cannot be copied and corrupted and shot around the globe with a few clicks of a keyboard.

Right? Maybe - maybe not. Interesting perspective - definitely.

Jeff A



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