It Ain't Pretty

POSTED BY on Nov 20, 2014

My apartment literally wallpapered with ideas.

Starting with a bunch of words on Post-It's that sounded great in the heat of the session are ripe for second-guessing in the light of the next day, which isn’t a bad thing. I didn’t wake up with a sense of “what won,” but I knew what got people talking the most.

The “open” idea was a gift that kept giving.

As a mindset, open was the starting point of so many things, it appeared endless, as the word itself suggests. It started to feel like a philosophy, and one that could function on a lot of levels. Because it was one of the immediate ways, I described the inner-workings of HA from the get-go. It was not just familiar, but it felt intuitively right for what I wanted to bring to NYC, so I went for it.

Yes, yes, and yes.

The promising idea of “do it” evolved to “in it to: mean it, make it, own it, love it.” While it wasn’t the frontrunner, it answered the question of “what are we doing here in NYC?” and had a great optimistic spirit that is hard to deny. We had some great applications planned for it, even some that stayed within our atmosphere.

Kathy Soranno is the Executive Creative Director and Managing Director of Hornall Anderson's New York studio. You can contact her at: k_soranno@hornallanderson.com.

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