"It's sooo big!"

POSTED BY Chris Monberg on Apr 10, 2009

Watching a coworker visit Times Square for the first time was much like introducing my 64 year-old father to the internet. “How could it ever be so bright? So big!” followed by “I’m so insignificant…” That sense of being a small part of something so immense is beautiful and terrible – like a very sublime punch in the solar plexus.

As our team of four descended onto Madison Square Garden last week for the preliminary install of the Renovation Preview Center, construction crews busted their rumps to ensure sheetrock could be prep-sanded, painted and sanded again. Meanwhile, computer fans pumped copious amounts of dust onto their circuit boards while they strained to project interactive wonderment onto 35’ wide parabolic screens. Developers wrenched on side-by-side 7’ server racks while plumbers bled sprinkler systems above their heads. Union electricians wired DMX controllers as fast as union laborers could pull them. It felt a little bit like a scene out of Apocalypse Now.

We’re getting ready to head back into the jungle next week, to pick up pieces we left behind, tune the engine and take some pretty pictures. Keep the dial here for updates.

WRITTEN BY Chris Monberg

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