Just like when we were kids....

POSTED BY Christina Arbini on Feb 14, 2012

We all remember Valentine's Day when we were kids — squirming with anxiety as we waited to see if we'd get any Valentine cards from our classmates. Well, because being a grown-up is stressful enough, the Hornall Anderson Events Committee decided to take the anxiety out of Valentine's Day this year by making sure every employee received a visit from the "milk & cookie cart." 

Chocolate chip cookies and regular or chocolate milk were distributed this afternoon, giving everyone a brief respite from their busy schedule. We had many comments that it reminded everyone of when they were kids. All that was missing was a blanket and a nap! This simple act definitely brought out the inner child in many of us, and begs the question...how many straw-fulls of milk does it take to saturate one's cookie? Happy Valentine's Day from Hornall Anderson!

WRITTEN BY Christina Arbini

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