Just Say "Know" To Bushmeat

POSTED BY on Mar 13, 2008

As many people at Hornall Anderson already know, my passion beyond design is animals. I have a couple of dogs. They are beautiful, intelligent and sometimes a pain in the arse. My extended family members also include mountain gorillas. In the past couple of years, I have financially adopted two male silverbacks, two mother and four baby Mountain Gorillas. Quite a large family. I also donate monthly to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation. They help protect the remaining mountain gorillas left in the wild in the African Congo.

Gorillas are a highly intelligent, naturally peaceful, family oriented primate that pretty much would just like to be left alone in the wild. As peoples needs have grown, humans have encroached on their space to utilize their land, exploit the resources available and profit from illegal poaching.

The senseless killing of animals (gorillas and other species) as a food source for Coltan miners and rebel armies that control the area. Coltan is the raw mineral that is an ingredient for metallic tantalum, the heat-resistant derivative of refined Coltan, to act as the capacitor, superconductor and transistor for everything from aerospace to cell phones and even vibrators. It is currently as valuable as gold. If you were wondering, the average street value of a dead gorilla as bushmeat is roughly worth less than 40.00 US dollars.

In an effort to raise local awareness, I have been working on an assortment of art for a future installation. All of the profit from the sale of the items will go toward the Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation. Above is a tiny preview of the art that will be exhibited. More details will follow as I move forward with a completion date and a gallery location.

I will close with this thought. If you are going to take a trek into the wild to plunder, kill and wreak havoc, remember to pack a lunch.


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