London to Brighton in 3½ minutes and The Cure

POSTED BY Chris Freed on Dec 6, 2011

In 1983 the BBC made a film of a train journey from London to Brighton to commemorate a similar film that was shot 50 years before. I've seen this video about 20 thousand times, but wasn't aware of its origin. The video that I associate it with was on a VHS released in 1991 by The Cure, Staring at the Sea - The Images. The song was "Jumping Someone Else's Train". 

I remember watching this over and over, thinking it was the coolest video ever. Its simple and goes perfectly with the high pace of the music. It was also completely different than what everyone else was doing at the time. Which was a theatrical play with the band and their egos/personalities. Luckly there are still some groups out there that still pull this off.

And the original from BBC.

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Dec 6, 2011 at 6:01pm

How about Chemical Bros. Star Guitar video?